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Babying Tips, New Mom Tips

Secrets to Making Your Baby Smart

January 9, 2015

If you think that I am going to discuss something very intellectual here, then you are absolutely wrong. I understand that every mother loves to see her baby learn new things and it is indeed a pleasure to get surprised every now and then at the new tricks that the baby has unknowingly learn. But believe me, all this learning is not a hardcore intellectual process as many of us would love to believe. It is in fact the simple things that you do as a mother which gradually enables your baby to become smarter and smarter. Have a look! Continue Reading…

Babying Tips, New Mom Tips

Enjoy Photographing Your Kids with These Simple Tips

December 3, 2014

Who doesn’t love to be photographed? Even we adults often crave like kids to share a small place in the clicks. Now that you are a mom, I bet you would definitely love to record those small yet hugely emotional moments when your kid smiles at you, sits up on the bed, throws tantrums, and so on and so forth- in fact there are endless number of things that your infant or kid can do. For a perfect record, you need to photograph these moments well and here we go with some great tips! Continue Reading…