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Enjoy Photographing Your Kids with These Simple Tips

December 3, 2014

Who doesn’t love to be photographed? Even we adults often crave like kids to share a small place in the clicks. Now that you are a mom, I bet you would definitely love to record those small yet hugely emotional moments when your kid smiles at you, sits up on the bed, throws tantrums, and so on and so forth- in fact there are endless number of things that your infant or kid can do. For a perfect record, you need to photograph these moments well and here we go with some great tips!

  • It might seem a bit weird but if you have some planning even for the most casual photos of your kids, the outcome would really be superb. Make a list of the photos that you would love to take and also take note of any probable obstacles or hindrances that might come your way while taking those photographs. If you do this, you would not forget to click important pictures, and the whole process would be seamless.
  • Whenever you are taking a photograph of your child, be it with a new toy or a special dress,or sleeping remember that your aim is to help the personality of your little one shine through that particular snap.
  • If any posed pictures, say with grandma, or your husband’s friends, are on the cards, make sure to click them first. In this way you have a great part of your list completed, and then you can move on to the random clicks.
  • Being candid is the thing! Posed snaps might seem picture perfect, but it is the candid ones which reveal the most interesting moments and bring out who your kids really are. Take as many candid pictures as you can because ultimately these will be the pictures, which will bring out your emotions, when you look at them after years.
  • It’s the small things that matter most, so zoom in! Capture the smaller details (or should I say even the minutest ones)- tiny toes, little teeth, and the like.
  • I admit that sometimes it is very difficult to shoot kids, because there are some who move from one place to another almost every single second. So, when you are taking a snap, keep your kids engaged by giving them a prop such as food, toys or flowers. This would keep them engaged as least for some time.
  • Capture all the emotions that your kids go through and do not concentrate only on happy snaps. Even snaps of your kid crying or frowning have a lot to say!
  • Do not just take straight pictures but photograph your little one from different angles- above, side and below. This will give you some of the interesting shots.
  • While photographing your child, sometimes take snaps even of the things around them, their favorite toy, book, etc.

Memories are indeed wonderful and when they come live to you through snaps, they bring with them a storehouse of emotions. So, unleash the photographer in you and construct special memories!

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