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Smart Money Making Tips for Stay-at-Home Moms

February 23, 2015

Bringing up kids is indeed a great experience and I have seen many who are happy being full time moms, staying at home and looking after their kids. But you might as well feel that if you had gone out to work, you could have made some money. Well, this article will tell you how you can make money without cutting down the happiness of spending quality time with your children. Nowadays, there are numerous ways in which stay-at-home moms can make some bucks.

Freebie Trading

There are a number of companies who are eager to pay people wishing to do trial offers for any of their products. The point behind this is that some of the people who are a part of the trial offer will prefer the product and continue using it, thereby becoming loyal customers.

Stay-at-home moms can sign up for these trial offers and get paid. To successfully earn money in this way, the best thing is to maintain a calendar wherein you can track the end of the different trial periods and cancel prior to these periods end.

Online Surveys

When you go for online surveys, be careful to avoid those sites which ask for a registration fee. There are many online survey sites wherein you can join for free, successfully take the survey and get paid. I have a very good experience with sites such as ePoll, Global Test Market and Survey Club, so you can try out any of these amongst others.

Selling on Fiverr

You can sell your service for as much as $5 for this website. You cannot even imagine the bunch of crazy things that people offer over Fiverr and get paid; some of these are recording a video while singing some song, holding a placard and taking a picture with the same, and so on. So, just unleash the creative you and make some bucks on Fiverr.

Giving Lessons or Tutoring

Well, I think this one would be great, because as a stay-at-home mom, you must be becoming well-versed with the way of teaching your kids. And if you are great at science, mathematics, or any other subject for that matter, why not showcase your skills to people who are kids or younger than you by some years. There are many parents who are willing to go for an online tutor to teach their child.


I am sure you are enjoying this article. In the same manner, if you have a flair for writing, someone else will enjoy reading the content that you write online. There is money in blogging, although finances would not pour in very quickly. But if you stick to it, you can make considerable amount of money.

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