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Soft Caramel Candy for Your Kids

February 27, 2015

A wonderful treat that your kids would definitely love! Be it for Halloween, or any other occasion, or even if there is no occasion, kids would always prefer to get themselves treated to some or the other candy. And when you have the yummy tasting caramel candy, that’s definitely a way to prove that you are not only a great mom, but a great cook too!

Have a look at the recipe and experience how simple, quick and easy it is.

Ingredients Required

  • One cup of light syrup
  • One cup of sugar
  • Sweetened condensed milk, 12 ounces
  • Half cup of unsalted softened butter, made into cubes
  • Vanilla extract, 1 teaspoon
  • Half heavy whipping cream
  • Pastry brush and hot water
  • Candy thermometer

Procedure for preparation

Pour in sugar, with the help of a non-stick pot. Along with the sugar, also pour in corn sugar and sweetened condensed milk. After this, add some heavy whipping cream. Finally, put some amount of unsalted butter.

Put the heat at low medium and allow the ingredients to melt. After stirring all the ingredients wait for the mixture to boil. Once it begins boiling up, put in a candy thermometer and lightly stir the mixture. In case it overflows on boiling and sugar residues appear on the pot sides, brush it downwards into the mixture with the help of brush and hot water.

Continue boiling the mixture till you can see a beautiful caramel color. At this point of time, the candy thermometer with show a reading of 250. My experience tells me that it will take 20 minutes. However, it will depend on the stove that you are using and the candy color that you wish to see.

Stir some vanilla extract after taking off stove. Around the aluminum foil, spray cooking spray and put the same within a pan. Once you remove the stove, pour in caramel and allow it to cool till it sets.

After the caramel sets in, take away the aluminum foil. I would suggest that after this you shift the candy to wax paper and then cut it. It would be better as the candy does not get stuck to the wax paper.

Slice the caramel in small or tiny pieces using a pizza cutter. Wrap each small piece into wax paper. This is very important because if you do not wrap the candies in wax paper, you will not get the square shape of the caramel candy.

If you want to give your candies a festive getup and make it more interesting for your kids, tie each piece with a ribbon or decorated string. Make the taste wonderfully yummy by storing the candies in refrigerator. If your kids love to bring their friends at home for some snacks, these candies do make for a great treat.

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