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Values You Must Teach before Your Child is Five

January 22, 2015

Contrary to popular belief, it is not premature if you teach values to your children when they are toddlers or preschoolers. Here are five values that you must teach your child so that they grow up as human beings you can be proud of.


The best way to help your child be a truthful person is to be one yourself. Never lie to your child; if you feel that you cannot tell him something, tell it in a roundabout way but never deceive him, because remember that your child follows in your footsteps. One more important thing is that in case your child lies to you do not overreact but be a friend who can show a way to tell the truth. In this way, your child gradually understands the value of honesty. The kid must understand that even if honesty is not always the most comfortable route, it is the best one.


If you want to grow in your child a true sense of justice, you must encourage him or her and also show the way to make amends for something wrong. Make your child understand that simply by saying sorry, everything cannot always be put right, but some action needs to be taken in order to ensure that justice happens. For instance, say your kid has damaged the toy of some other kid. Teach him to say sorry and also give one of his similar toys as a token of regret and apology for what has been done. Such gesture will help your child learn to treat people fairly.


In order to be prepared to face life’s atrocities, you must encourage your child to take up challenges. Determination is one value that should be encouraged from a very young age. I remember encouraging my toddler who had just started standing on her own, to get up and give her best every time she tried to stand and fell down. You must know that it is important to congratulate kids when they do something that is quite difficult on their own. Things like ‘I knew you could do it!’ strengthen your kid’s will power and make him even more determined to complete tasks.


If you do not teach your child the value of consideration at this young age, he will grow up to be a person who is apathetic to the feelings of others. So before they attain the age of five years, you must teach your kids that they must not be selfish and should also think about others’ feelings. Make them realize that through words and actions, they would be able to bring a smile to other’s face. Also help them understand that if they are kind to people, they would also get the kindness of others in return.


Many parents often tend to think that love and affection comes naturally to children. It is true to a certain extent, but this feeling of love and affection might not last if it does not get reciprocated. So demonstrate your love towards your children through actions such as kiss or hug.

These five values chart out the behavior of your child. So by teaching them these crucial values, you will be able to modulate your child’s behavior and make him a good human being. So when you put on the mom’s shoes, you responsibility is not only to keep your child healthy and hearty, but also to teach the child to make a mark in the world. And here comes the importance of these values, which go a long way in molding the character of your kid.

While you are teaching your kids these values make sure that you are also have a sound mind and body by taking up some activities. They will believe you if you are doing what you have preached.

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