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Yummy Dishes for Your Toddler’s Palate

April 16, 2015

Like adults, toddlers also love to try out new recipes, and being a mom, you can very well surprise them with your culinary skills. And there’s more to it. You can even rope in your toddler to help you out as you prepare these dishes. So, enjoy the experience as you try out the recipes!

Nut and Fig Cookies

These are more or less muffin tops rather than cookies. They are quite healthy and can be taken as snacks or breakfast along with a glass of milk. If you are unable to use unprocessed bran, you may as well go for crushed bran-flake or oat bran.

Your toddler would be able to help you by pouring the cranberries and figs into a bowl. They can also assist you in stirring the ingredients and pouring almonds on batter.

Alphabet Chicken Soup

You would definitely want your children to learn the alphabets. So, it would be amazing to see your toddler enjoy the soup as well as recognize the letters present in it. For an extra dose of vitamins and fiber, go for whole wheat alphabet pasta. It would indeed be great if your toddler assists you by identifying and accumulating the vegetables.

Peanut Butter-Banana Spirals

This particular recipe blends peanut butter with yogurt and banana. To it, you may add wheat germ, for an added dose of nutrition along with a crunchy feeling. Try to opt for honey-crunch wheat germ, but if you are unable to get it, plain wheat germ is great to go for. Give it to your kid as a snack or a lunch.

Let your toddler enjoy preparing the dish by participating in the arrangement of banana slices over the mixture of peanut butter. The kids can even sprinkle wheat germ on top of the banana slices.

Chicken Tenders with Oatmeal Crust

Chicken tenders are preferred by both children and adults, and more so when oatmeal is used in the breading. This dish tastes great when served with light ranch dressing or commercial honey mustard. Your little ones would definitely love to identify and gather the ingredients.

Maple-Almond Granola

Even as a mom you would find it difficult (if not impossible) to predict the breakfast that your little one would love to have. Considering this, granola would be wonderful. Serve it to your kids along with milk or yogurt for breakfast, or simply as a tasty snack.

Gathering ingredients for this dish is a great activity for your kids. They may also help by pouring the measured almonds and oats within a mixing bowl. You may also allow your kids to take a storage container and keep the cooled granola.

Warm Corn Salsa with Black Bean Quesadillas

If you want your toddler to consume veggies, quesadillas are great to go for. Offer your kid a small quantity of salsa, and to your surprise, he or she might like it. Engage your toddler in rinsing the beans, placing the tortillas and sprinkling cheese on them.

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